Making more room for activities builds a creative event professional

The special events industry is built on a million little details.  Ask anyone who has ever planned an event and they will tell you it’s the small things that consume the most time.  While I agree that the small things can be a huge time suck professionally I also think that all of the small things in your personal life are what keep you moving forward as an event professional.

In the movie, “Step Brothers”, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly impulsively decide to stack their twin beds to build a bunk bed so they have “more room for activities.” While this hilarious scene might be ridiculous to some I think it is the motto for many event professionals.  “More room for activities” is certainly an important part of my career.

StepBrothers 2

The personal lives of many event coordinators I know are filled with family parties, hobbies, classes, clubs and events for fun.  It’s important to remember that as someone who produces events for a living you must experience and create events in your personal life too.  Work in the event world doesn’t just end when it’s time to punch out.  As you develop your career in the event world you need to make “more room for activities”.

My event colleagues are involved in a wide range of activities that all somehow circle back to their career in special events.  Consider some of the following activities as a means to continue developing your career in the event world:

-          Start a book club.  The Chicago Public Library produces “One Book, One Chicago” this bi-annual book series provides book club organizers with a tool kit for organizing the club.  Perhaps with the help of social media and your mad reading skills you can organize the largest multi-group book club in Chicago!

-          Have you ever taken a cooking class? As mentioned in previous blogs the culinary world in Chicago is reaching epic proportions.  Consider taking a few cooking classes and keep up with the latest food trends.  Organize monthly dinner parties for your friends and colleagues and blog about it!

-          Be the event organizer in the office and put together a Pot Luck celebration for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day or any other holiday you think would be fun to organize.  Ask people what they are good at making and put together a luncheon where everyone has to make one really well done thing.  Throw in some green décor and a little Irish background music and you are now the lucky leprechaun of the office!

-          Has making money in the stock market ever interested you? Start an investment club with a few friends interested in the topic.  Do some research on how best to manage a club of this sort and go to town.  Organizing monthly meetings, choosing companies to invest in, monitoring the stock market and getting together with your group to discuss your results and choices can be fun, educational and most importantly, profitable!

The idea here is to brainstorm something that interests you, engage others in your thought process and begin organizing events that revolve around common interests.  As you work hard to develop your event or group you will find that others are interested in participating as well.  Here’s the chance to show people what you are capable of.  You never know who might be the next person to want to join your group.
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