Event timing is the giant monster in the room

Timing is often the most critical component to any special event.  Admittedly, it’s also one of the most critical components to life in general.  Since this blog is about special events,  I thought it was more appropriate to tailor the discussion to events.  With me so far? Good. A common misconception about the timing of... Read more »

I believe special events help sustain long lasting relationships. What do you believe in?

The editor of our blog site sends out weekly topics to inspire us.  The concept comes from a popular NPR program called “This American Life” ours is conveniently called, “This Blogger’s Life”.  The topic for this week is, What do you believe in? and takes a page out of the old Kevin Costner film, Bull... Read more »

Where does a strong work ethic come from?

A strong work ethic is absolutely critical for a successful career in Special Events.  While a career in the Special Events industry can be fun, exciting and interesting it also requires a lot of hard work.  Many times the work is manual and its necessary to always be willing to pitch in and lending a... Read more »

"Thank You" is an important part of the special events industry

The Special Events industry is rooted in formality and tradition even as continuously evolving technology creates new and exciting ways for events to present themselves. Saying “Thank You” is a big part of the world of special events and can now be delivered in multitude of contexts.  At every turn of the road there is... Read more »

The TOP 10 reasons the special event industry is the right fit for you

I recently met with an “alum” who told me he was looking to transition careers and was thinking he wanted to get into the special event industry.  He had a good career doing what he was doing but there was something telling him a change was needed. He asked me, “how do you know working... Read more »

Musician Jeff Tweedy & Movie Director Steve James coming to The BIG Interview Show on September 12 at Abbey Pub

The Interview Show is a monthly LIVE talk show hosted by Mark Bazer at The Hideout bar.  It’s a ton of fun.  A buddy of mine told me about The Interview Show and I’ve gone to it for years .  I think it’s super cool and unique. In an effort to practice what I preach... Read more »

Pronouns: They make it nearly impossible to communicate to them for a Special Event.

He called and told her that she needs to talk to him about their problem with them. Make sense? Nope. Not at all. Good communication is the cornerstone of every successful event.  While creativity, organization and good financial sense all help to create excellent event experiences a quality event requires clear communication. Pronouns lead to... Read more »

And the winner is . . . A raffle at a special event is a losing idea

One special event tactic that many people think is a fun and easy way to get people excited is to coordinate a raffle! Yes! This sounds like GREAT fun! This also sounds like something a bunch of high level marketing executives come up with in the dead of winter.  Raffles look good on paper.  They... Read more »

Weather reports control event attendance at outdoor summer festivals

The weather this month has been perplexing to say the least.  Just this past week, our heat kicked on pretty much the same number of times as the air-conditioner.  I’ve worn my wool coat to work three days and have returned home with barely a fleece. While I know nothing about meteorology I’m hopeful that... Read more »

Are Daily Deal sites the right marketing tactic for a special event?

The Daily Deal phenomenon certainly outlasted the “fad” phase.  It even appears to be more than a “trend”.  It has become a sustainable, viable marketing tactic. A lot of good has come from the Daily Deal sites.  Companies, brands and retailers have all come to consider the pros and cons of this relatively new marketing... Read more »
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    If I could print uber truthful business cards, my title would be: “19 year old dream crusher” or “fantasy job reign-er-inner” but as it stands College Instructor of Special Events is the official printed title. This illustrious title was secured by a long career which has included: 1.) Organizing games of hide-n-seek that spanned two continents (well not really, but when you’re a kid two blocks can certainly seem like two very separate continents) 2.) Wrapping cornstalks for a Fall Pumpkin Festival without the help of step-by-step instructions posted on Pinterest. 3.) Frying chicken for every graduation, communion and confirmation party on the south side of Chicago. These formative lessons led me to a career as an Event Planner. With all of this necessary experience I transitioned myself into a College Instructor and found myself perched on a soap box hollering about the one thing I was destined to teach ... Event Planning.

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