Hello Chicago!

Nilu here. I grew up in the burbs and am now studying Anthropology and International Studies here in Chicago.  I come from a small loving Muslim family who I am dearly close to. My nationality apart from being a Chicagoan is Indian. I am a very imaginative and creative person, and will say-- that has gotten me pretty far in life.

I like to be up-front and real about everything, I am pretty young and have a lot to accomplish in life which I will, and be the best at it. I embrace change and look forward to the miracles that come with each and every single new day. That being said, I love meeting new people and being inspired by them.

I wanted to write about new authentic places that open up around town, and introduce you to a new spot to check out on your free time. Restaurant-hopping is pretty exciting! I will be updating you with all the new + affordable places in Chicago that give you that ethnic feel. What kind of eating is it, if it's not different and exciting each time?

To your excitement, I am a BAKER with a huuuge sweet tooth. Soon to be Cupcake Wars champion! Trying new foods and learning about different cultures is what I am all about. I hope you enjoy this blog. Happy eating!

Much love x


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    I am a Chicagoan who has a strong affinity for good taste and creative vibes. Studying anthropology and international studies here in Chicago. I'm a baker, i like to create things and try new food. What kind of eating is it, if it's not different and exciting each time?

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