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I hope everyone is enjoying the chilly weather. Once we change our clocks back an hour, we can say we are on our way to winter!  Hope your week has been off to a great start! Besides being blown over and trying to stay indoors what else is going on? Elections are tomorrow! I hope everyone is ready to cast their vote bright and early tomorrow morning...do not miss out! In case you were wondering, here are some quick ways to get around town this week to try out some great food that is full-filling yet affordable ...not to mention within arms reach to accommodate the weather !

"I dream of Falafel" [IDOF]

Locations:  331 S. Franklin ,  112 W. Monroe ,    555 W. Monroe

Funny acronym- I thought up quite a few variations when I first saw IDOF haha. But in regards to October being Breast cancer awareness month, IDOF had 'pink' protein steak on their menu with a portion being donated to Bright Pink Foundation. Come check this place out! Dine in or to-go the prices are low and the ambiance is fun and vibin' catering to all your shawarma-meat cravings.

My favorite would be the Donner kabob roll. It is a Turkish style meat with your choice of a Arab bread wrap OR served on a plate with large helpings of rice and veggies. Not to mention you get to choose from 10 types of  sauces on the side. The ordering process is made quite simple, resembles Subway's assembly line; although instead of stingy veggies and quarter cheese slices you get to choose from a variety of Mediterranean style shawarma meat. You pick your choice of a roll or wrap, then your meat, and add on sauces! The workers are friendly and upbeat and will engage in small talk with you or even give you a shoulder to cry on after your long tiring day of voting. Just kidding napkins are on the house tho!

ps. i almost forgot- they sell Vimto Cola. Sluuurp!

"Falafel Brothers"- Food Truck!

Has anyone else ever disliked how much cooler New York "seems" to be, having their fancy food carts and all. Food on wheels is definitely a privilege, but having HALAL chicken and rice on every street corner, seriously NY? News Flash--Our Arab brothers and sisters have simply heard my long-awaited prayers. There are halal food carts in Chicago! Falafel Brothers- Persian and Mediterranean style meals made on the cart and ready to go in the heart of downtown.

Follow them on facebook and twitter to see the area where they will be parked. They update every hour or so, so run out and get some hot Treats on wheels. @myfalafel! http://facebook.com/falafelbrothers

"Curried"- Online Delivery Service!

Location:  171 N. Wells Street

So for you lazy bums who don't see the catch in taking time out to try something new, heres an option-- sit at home and have traditional entrees right at your doorstep! Get "Curried" caters traditional Indian Food and also has a food truck that delivers right to you! The gorgeous Taj Mahal is pictured on their logo giving this carry-out fast food joint its authentic touch. New location is on Lake & Wells that I see everyday on the subway, but have yet to try it out. They claim they have vegan food for all you health freaks out there, but hey doesn't hurt to be extra active in animal affairs!

Follow these guys on twitter and let me know what you think! @GetCurriedAway http://curried.com/Home


Until next time! Have a great day voting tomorrow and Happy EthnicEat-ing :)

xx Nilu

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