Mexican Panaderias in Chicago

DESSERT EMERGENCY! Where to turn when you have a serious case of sweet tooth urgency?  My very favorite place where simply window shopping with googly eyes does not do justice; nomming on delicious goodies is a must at-- your local panaderia.

Westernized society has accelerated the intensification and integration of ideas, information, cultures, and people on a global scale over the recent decades. The dissolving of frontiers and divisions between different cultures is apparent in the acceptance of ethnic food in Chicago. Without having to step foot outside of your town, Chicago brings to you a plethora of vibrant foods satisfying your foreign cravings, right at your fingertips.

Mexican panaderias do just this, they offer a wide selection of traditional goodies at just under 60 cents a piece. I went to La Baguette Panaderia and bagged a handful of pastries and ended up paying just under $5. When you walk in to these bakeries, you are handed a large tray and pair of tongs to accompany you as you are free to walk around filling up your tray with whatever catches your eye. You are given a selection that consists of more than 80 types of pastries, breads, custards, and cookies along with a variety of: cake slices, gelatins, empanadas, and of course traditional churros dipped in chocolate. If you haven't been to one yet, you need to go. Drop everything and just go!

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Pastry with queso (cheese) filling
  • Almond-filled flaky pastry
  • Coconut cake slices
  • Chocolate-filled croissants


Anderson and Edgewater are reservoirs to these vivacious mexican panaderias. Within minutes of one another, these bakeries make riding the EL a quick and easy option when it comes to dessert emergency.

Be sure to check out any of these Mexican Bakeries!

  • La Baguette Panaderia (5712 N Clark St) between Edgewater Ave & Hollywood Ave
  • Panaderia Ayutla Bakery (6963 N. Clark St.)
  • Panaderia Evita (6975 N. Clark St.)
  • Panaderia Azucar in Avondale (3415 W. Belmont Avenue)


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  • Great idea for a post. These places are awesome.

  • thank you so much! glad you liked it :)

  • Thank you!!! I LOOOOOVE the panaderias..... Now I want a piggy with mexican chocolate. Yum!! (and i'll get my mom some pumpkin empanadas)

  • In reply to goofyjj:

    haha let me know how it goes when you visit!

  • In reply to goofyjj:

    You're welcome! Thank you for sharing definitely try those empanadas they are amazing!

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