Can You Digest the Exotic Experience?

Happy Friday Chicago!

Who has ever thought to themselves these exact words, "Gee, my PB&J sandwich that I eat for lunch almost every day is actually quite boring". Or have you wondered if there really is a world out there waiting to excite your taste buds? I'm sure we can all relate to these thoughts almost every day.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce to my fellow Chicagoans a new route to your favorite lunch or dinner spot. There are over 700 family-owned ethnic restaurants in and around the corners of Chicago. But are we aware of them, at all? My job is to bring to you a to-do list of the top ethnic AFFORDABLE food places in Chicago that you must visit before you expire.

Just kidding, I won't force, but i will definitely have you consider a new place to eat. A big part of growing up and getting forward in life has to do with embracing change. What better way to do it than to start right at your gut, by filling your stomach?!

To gain an idea of what excites your taste buds, I would like YOU to help me out! Please answer this simple question below so I can have a general understanding of what you would like to hear from me in posts to come!

Feliz comiendo (your boring food for now) =]

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