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Highlights from Something New, Something Blue & Something for Him Too!!!

On April 28th, The Something New, Something Blue & Something for Him Too show & wedding convention premiered at the Crystal Palace Banquets at Mount Prospect. Honestly, I was expecting the same old wedding fashion show that looks like high school students decided to create one along with a bunch of very determined and scary... Read more »

Spring 2013 Hot List....A Can't Miss!!!

The Amazing Anne Hathaway (Photo from Les Miserables)
Seeing sunshine outside (after days of rain and YES snow), I felt very inspired to create a hot list for Spring, since Spring is here (right?). So pretend it’s warm out and enjoy!! Hottest “IT’ Actress: Anne Hathaway To all you HATERS out there, STOP IT!! I understand that there recently has been a survey... Read more »