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Yhta'k Designs Relaunch Show

Additional garments on dress forms at the show.
Katherine Walker relaunched her Yhta’k Designs Katherine Marie and Madame Marie (plus-sized clothing) lines. Here are some pictures that we took while attending her first show!!!! For additional images make sure to check out our Facebook page!!!

Be Prepared for a Weekend of Moda!!!!!!!!!

Yhta'K Designs Relaunch Fashion Show Flyer for This Friday!!!!
What is going on this weekend?? A common question that is asked once the weekend approaches. So this weekend has 3 major fashionable events for all you fashionistas. The first event is the Yhta’K Designs Re-Launch Fashion show this Friday April 27. Designer Katherine Walker is reintroducing her misses and plus-size line this Friday!!! Visit... Read more »