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Oscar 2014 Stellar Fashions!!!

Oscar 2014 Stellar Fashions!!!
Yesterday, I celebrated my Superbowl; the 2014 Oscar’s. Along with my glass of champagne I not only celebrated this year’s theatrical achievements, I also admired many of the gowns that these actresses worn. Here are a few that I believe deserve special mention. Cate Blanchett This Oscar winner not only wowed us with her spectacular... Read more »

Spring 2013 Hot List....A Can't Miss!!!

The Amazing Anne Hathaway (Photo from Les Miserables)
Seeing sunshine outside (after days of rain and YES snow), I felt very inspired to create a hot list for Spring, since Spring is here (right?). So pretend it’s warm out and enjoy!! Hottest “IT’ Actress: Anne Hathaway To all you HATERS out there, STOP IT!! I understand that there recently has been a survey... Read more »

The Good, Middle & Ugly-Oscar's 2013 Fashion!!!

Halle Berry Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage
So what is everyone talking about today?? No duh, the Oscar’s!! This yearly Mega Star event was televised live last night (as we all heard Halle Berry say the word “pussy”).  So if you didn’t tune in, no worries, I am here to update you on the fashions of the night. First, the man of... Read more »