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The Good, Middle & Ugly-Oscar's 2013 Fashion!!!

Halle Berry Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage
So what is everyone talking about today?? No duh, the Oscar’s!! This yearly Mega Star event was televised live last night (as we all heard Halle Berry say the word “pussy”).  So if you didn’t tune in, no worries, I am here to update you on the fashions of the night. First, the man of... Read more »

Golden Globe 2013 Styles...the Wow's and Meows (in a bad way)

Lena Dunham of Girls. Photo By Paul Drinkwater/NBC
The Golden Globes this year let me say was interesting. First let’s start with Jodi Foster’s um…speech. Yeah she was all over the place, I was confused and so were many others. But we are not here to talk about that, instead we are here to look at the fashions. Which fashion’s were a WOW... Read more »