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The Good, Middle & Ugly-Oscar's 2013 Fashion!!!

Halle Berry Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage
So what is everyone talking about today?? No duh, the Oscar’s!! This yearly Mega Star event was televised live last night (as we all heard Halle Berry say the word “pussy”).  So if you didn’t tune in, no worries, I am here to update you on the fashions of the night. First, the man of... Read more »

Right before Thanksgiving.....Another Thankful List

Right before Thanksgiving.....Another Thankful List
Before we all get stuffed on Turkey and go into a food driven coma, I decided that another Thankful list was needed. Remember this is officially the start to the holidays, so let the MERRY begin……. We are Thankful for………………….. Black Wednesday Ladies Night=Tomorrow at 6pm So tomorrow Ladies Night Chicago is having one of... Read more »