New Year, New You? Or Not!

New Year, New You? Or Not!

New Year, New You!

Every year, we complain that the former year sucked and that you are looking forward to a new start. EVERY YEAR. Did you recognize a pattern? Every former year was horrible, it was a waste and the new one will be different. I see it everywhere; on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, every social media network. New year, new me. It is everywhere and honestly it is very upsetting. What was wrong with you that year?

The new year isn't going to magically give you a new face, body, house, job, money and love. You are still going to be you. You might get a face lift or Botox, but you are still you. So what are YOU going to do different?

The problem is your thinking. What the media tells you.  You should look this way, that way, do this, live like this, make this much money, love a person who looks like this; see the problem?

So here is my advice; coming from someone who constantly compares and judges herself...but I am learning. So here are a few things that I am doing and others too, that seems to be changing the way you view; you.




You are one of a kind, you are perfect the way you are; but you can always improve yourself and get even better. Look in the mirror every morning with a smile; you are alive, you are breathing and love yourself. I know it is easier said than done, but hey, there's not hundreds of you are out there. There is only one, you. I am not the thinnest person out there, but I work hard every day on myself. I want to be healthier, stronger and yes smaller in my clothing size. But overall, I still smile when I look in the mirror. So strive to better yourself but do it with a smile because you are already perfect, you just want to better than perfection even more. I know sounds weird, but changing your mindset on how you look should be a resolution not looking different.


Is finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/husband/wife, one of your resolutions? Need someone to complete you? That's a huge problem there. You need no one but yourself. If you can't complete you, what makes you think anyone else can complete you? A resolution should be to find you. Love yourself. Along with thinking that you are perfect the way you are but could improve; you should think, damn I am a catch! Love you first before you love anyone else. Start thinking about your talents and work on them. Treat yourself once in a while with a massage or other activities that make you think you are spoiling yourself. Your family loves you, your friends love you love you.


This is one that I really don't hear from others. Yes it is in our genetics to be a little self fish (or else how did our ancestors survive?), but thinking about others, and doing good for others should be a resolution for all of us. Do something for others, at least a few times a year, could start trickling the change that our world needs. I learned this from my 9 year old daughter. Every time we go on vacation, instead of just having fun, she focuses on helping those that need help at those locations. An example is New Orleans for us. There are many of homeless living in the streets there. We always stay at my best friend's condo in the garden district and we buy groceries. Before we leave, she made us cook all the food we didn't use and serve them on plates as meals for the homeless. Then she marched her little bum to those areas and feed the homeless meals from the foods that we otherwise would have thrown out. So she feed those hungry and saved food from being wasted.  They were super grateful and she also gave them water bottles and other essentials such as blankets. Now this is something that we do on every vacation. Maybe everyone should do something like that or anything that could better our environment, animals or our fellow humans?


Hate your job, need more money? Stop the complaining and maybe do something about it? You won't change anything if you don't do anything about it. If you love your job and need more money, ask your boss for a raise, but remember to have something to prove that you are worth that raise. Be on the lookout for new positions and ask your friends and family to keep a look out. Many positions that my husband has had, was from referrals from family and friends. Maybe in the meanwhile get a part time for additional money. You can expand your experience, meet new contacts (networking) and perhaps even get an offer for a full time you like, in the future.


This year instead of making resolutions for the NEW YOU, why not start thinking differently. What is wrong with you? What can you improve on but still love you?

Hope you take these tips and remember to smile every morning and enjoy all the moments life has to offer.

Happy 2018 Everyone :) <3

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