Spooky Month calls for Spooky Haunts

Yes it is the month of October...a month for witches, goblins and goons! Not only is it my favorite month but this month there is a luxury that only occurs during this season; it is called the Haunted House. I wanted to highlight some very creepy haunted houses in our back yard that deserve a visit!

House of Torment

House of Torment (from website)

              House of Torment (from website)

We all normally think of a haunted house as a broken down home that is dark with people in costume jumping out saying BOO! Well not this one. Instead, House of Torment, located at 8240 N. Austin Ave in Morton Grove IL, delivers fear in a new unique way. They have story lines that create an  environment that draws the visitor in! One of their story lines is called The Swarm, which is about a government experiment gone haywire. The house is under lock and key after a horrifying experiment gave birth to a new breed of deadly insects and creatures (on website). There is toxic sludge, creepy critters and murderous venom.

The Swarm (in House of Torment)

The Swarm (in House of Torment)

The other story is called Nightmare High. I know it sounds cheesy, but its about zombies in a high school. Imagine running the halls with brain eating creepers behind you! You can get tickets here! Trust me this is a perfect date night or if you are a creeper, a perfect night cap for a cold, windy October day.

Dungeon Of Doom

Dungeon of Doom (from website)

Dungeon of Doom (from website)

I normally do not get scared at haunted houses, but this one had me a little scared at times. First let me mention, it is like a maze. There are different paths you can take and depending on the paths is your haunted journey. It can be different every time so you can visit more than once in a season and have a totally different experience each time. This haunted house that takes an hour to complete (yes very unheard of)is located at 600 29th St., Zion IL. There are also lots of attractions within this haunted house! My favorite one was buried alive (very unique experience) and there's many more which include; boiler room, asylum, embalmment room, human grinder room and crazy clowns!

From website

Dungeon of Doom (From website)

You can get your tickets here! Remember this is a long one! So prepare for a fright!

13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor (From website)

13th Floor(from website)

The 13th Floor Haunted House is very well known, I still remember hearing about it growing up! This haunting legend is located at 1940 George St. Melrose Park IL. 13th Floor consists of 2 haunted houses, called Cursed: Purgatory and Dead End District: Freakshow; in 1 ticket! That means you will be terrified by witches in the cursed haunted house then chased by clowns in Freakshow. Also this haunt has been featured in various media outlets such as the Travel Channel, MTV, USA Today and many more.


Make sure to get those tickets here! Enjoy the legend, 13th floor!

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