Need Motivation? I do!

Need Motivation? I do!
Coach from the Inspiring Coach Christine

We all made New Year resolutions right? If you are like me, then one of them was to get in shape and perhaps lose a few lbs. Sadly, the truth is that it is incredibly hard to get consistent and continuously strive to get in shape! Perhaps it is your crazy schedule (mine is very un-traditional), family, work (inconvenient hours) or more!! Well I recently received the MOST inspiring email I have ever read and I wanted to share it with you. It is from the FitChick Boot Camp Owner Christine Callahan.  If you ever get a chance, make sure to visit her in Crystal Lake, IL and get inspired too! In the meanwhile, here is her inspirational pep talk...

We all have our moments of negative self talk, but be mindful of those words ladies. The story you tell yourself can be a powerful one and cause nothing but self defeat, anxiety, sabotage, sometimes even depression, and at the end of the day NO ONE deserves that. Body shaming is the worst, especially if you have little ones too, I speak from experience and growing up around this, be conscious of what you are saying about yourself and your body around your kids they are like sponges and will soak in every ounce of what you are saying and doing. I suffered from it for a long time. I literally woke up one day and decided I was done hating my body and telling myself terrible things. If you think "terrible" you feel "terrible," and I was over it. It took a lot of personal work and shifting my mind to much healthier things. I at the time wasn't even what you would consider unhealthy, but growing up I was bullied, even by my family (my "smaller" cousins) and I watched and heard even my mom speak ill of how she looked all the time. Fast forward to my adult life and I struggled with what I thought I should look like, what the scale should read, and I was a beyond insecure mess. This may hit home to some of you, but listen, my golden rule is... "if you won't say it about your friend or to your child you shouldn't be saying it to yourself." End of story. Here's a little pep talk, even though we are all here at FitChick to physically exercise, being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself all starts from your head and your heart. Eating healthy also shouldn't be a chore or a diet or deprivation, it should be a choice you make because you love your body and it deserves the best nutrients and fuel to become better, faster, and stronger. You might be wondering where this email is coming from... well one my heart as your coach and two with everyone back in the swing of things I'm hearing A LOT of "I only did this" I can't do that" "I'm fat" "I'm old" "I wish I was lighter" "I wish I looked like..." etc.
Literally the list goes on, but let me put things in perspective...

You are lapping everyone on the couch or still in bed
If you gave the workout everything you had then you have nothing to regret
If you didn't eat well change it - guilt SHOULD NOT be associated with food
If you did an assisted pull up or any exercise movement at least you did it and you'll get better
You can't compare your first chapter to someone's 20th, that's not realistic
The number on the scale is bullshit; Body fat / measurements, how your clothes fit etc are what matters.
You have the choice to eat healthy or unhealthy
Don't tell me you don't know what healthy is - we all know a grilled chicken salad is better than a cheese burger
You are beautiful
You are strong
You should celebrate every milestone even if that means getting your butt to class, that's a big deal, or even signing up, that shows a commitment to yourself
You can achieve any goal you set out to do.
I'll end with this. You aren't too heavy, too slow, too old, too out of shape, too ANYTHING. That is all a mindset/attitude. If anything needs to be worked on outside of FitChick it's that. Exercise your brain and create healthy self talk. No more of this negativity, it's enough. You have this one life, this one body, your one mind, feed it right, treat it right, love yourself. You'll be amazed at the transformation on the outside once you get right on the inside. <3 Your FitChick Coach Christine

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