Poetic Justice Jean; Dressing the Ladies with Curves

Poetic Justice Jean; Dressing the Ladies with Curves
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If  you've ever had issues finding a perfect fitting pair of jeans for your body type, Poetic Justice Jeans WILL become your go-to jeans. Kalia Kirby, founder of Poetic Justice Jeans, can relate!  She has had the same issue, with her 5'10'' curvy frame;  it's what inspired her to make a difference for others in dire jean need!  Kalia wanted to create a line for women with curves that didn't cost you an arm and a leg. Kalia designs specialty jeans to cater to women's different body types! On, you can find a range of jeans such as; the fashion style, boyfriend, cropped, skinny, basics, and extended sizes!! She even created a fit chart that is easy to read and will help you find your perfect fit at a price that won't suffocate you! Here at Estrella Modas* we had the privilege to have a one-on-one interview with this inspiring entrepreneur!

Chicago Now: Where did you come up with the name Poetic Justice? Was it inspired from the movie?

Kalia: (Giggles) No, it wasn't from the movie or the song, but I get that a lot. I came up with Poetic Justice because it was an urban name that embodies everyone. I wanted people to be able to relate and be familiar because I'm designing for a people brand.

CN: What inspired you to go this route?

Kalia : Well, I've been in L.A my entire life and when the big denim theme hit L.A. everyone was wearing the expensive jeans and the seven jeans and citizens jeans. I was all into the denim look, however, I was always spending so much money because I'm 5'10". I have always had issues finding jeans that fit me well. My issue was finding jeans long enough and to fit my frame as well for a reasonable price. I  had a serious belt collection ( giggles) due to the gaping of my jeans. After talking to my sister and mother, I decided I wanted to start something that would eliminate the problem.

CN: While I was shopping on your website and I noticed that you use actual average size women to model your jeans, which I admire a lot. What made go that route versus instead of using slim figured models?

Kalia: Well again, going back to what I said before, we know that every girl is not a size 2, for example my little sister is a size for, but she has a little more in the junk ( giggle) and my shape is even different. I wanted to use someone who is more realistic to be featured on my website. Someone who the average woman can more so relate to.

CN: Do you design for each season?

Kalia: I design jeans based on trends. I want to make sure I have affordable pairs of jeans, yet trendy ones. So depending on what the latest trends are, I may do a different wash or print for my jeans.

CN: What pair of Poetic Justice jeans would you recommend to wear this fall?

Kalia: I love pairing the cameo jeans with a red top, It's like the perfect look. The moto (leather) jeans are another one of my favorites. Then, you have your basic dark wash jeans to go great with everything.

CN: What are your company's plan to extend?

Kalia: Right now, I am working on jackets, that way you can have a matching top and bottom. The sleeves on the jacket are actually a little bit longer than they are on most jackets. I also have some denim jackets and vests to match my favorite jeans. I am in the process of designing a matching leather and cameo jacket, as well! I'm making the jacket's longer and adjustable for women.

Poetic Justice is putting a refreshing twist into the fashion industry. By creating the perfect fit jeans for curvy figures, women now have a place go-to shop to find the perfect, stylish jeans for a reasonable price. Kalia's goal is to reach the entire United States market, west coast to east coast, and I believe she will succeed! In order to learn more about Poetic Justice and get your new favorite pair of jeans, check them out here.

-Contributing Writer Patrice Walden

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