Maison De LaCour's Chicago Fashion Stunner

Lana, our spunky writer, attended (during the Chicago Fashion Week) the Maison De LaCour's fashion show.  She came back exclaiming how AWESOME this designer was...and let me add "HOT" (You'll all see why in the gallery pics to come). There was COLOR...TONS of it, although it was a Spring/Summer 2014 collection, it still was like seeing skittles prancing on the runway. This fab collection called “The Stars Are Out Tonight,” was truly breathtaking and this stud designer really knows how to make any women feel like a Goddess in color (no more hiding in the dark colors).  The free-flowing gowns reminded us of royalty, not to mention the colorful suits then men wore and how much we wished people would still dress up for the Opera. Well enjoy the pics and keep an eye out for this spectacular designer; Maison De LaCour. That name will be a household name before you know it!!

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