The Avante Couture Fashion Soiree Highlights from a Stellar Event!!!

On August 4th, taking place at the BridgePort Art Center, the Avante Couture Fashion Soiree took Chicago by the storm. Stephane St.Jaymes (from London) and Eugene St. Frimpong (graduate of IADT) two amazing designers, were part of this event which main concept was about the merging of Avant Garde and Couture. During the preparation of the show, the “French Vendette” company founded by Erika Monique Degraffinreaidt, held a casting for professional models with whom have the  body silhouette of which a couture and avente garde garment need (think runway). So knowing that this is one of the few shows in Chicago that showcase couture designers, we were really excited about attending this soiree. As you enter the Bridgeport Center you could sense the  presence of passion from the designers of their creations coming true from their  imaginations to actual reality.

The event was decorated with gorgeous fashion illustrations of the gowns that were about to hit the runway and the illustrator Darren Pulliam himself was chatting with people and getting ready to glaze the magnificent garment pieces on stage. There were also pop up boutique's  featuring local designers so yes we all had a chance to do our favorite past-time activity, SHOP!!!  Nicole Harry, the host of the show also displayed her one-of-a kind handmade jewelry, which was also featured on the runway. Other special mentions include Sheila Handbags Accessories- wonderful clutch and purses , Chloe+ Isabel - beautiful jewelry , and Haisal Renee –fab scarves. Sheena Marie World of Beauty LLC,  created beautiful avant-garde image of the models with 18century influenced hair styles and bright artistic make up. The crowd attended this show was as much diverse as the residents of our beautiful city, from extravagant millionaires to supportive students/ colleagues; local designers to people from out of state. Thanks to the marketing and advertising work of “French Vendette’” we were all able to attend a Chicago  fashion show, that concentrated more on art side of the event for a change. “We need more of this kind of beautiful fashion shows here in Chicago “ said Jim Jurica,  owner of the “ BeautyLook Magazine."

After the show I was flying back home to my studio, I had a feeling that had attended one of the Chanel or Louis Vuitton fashion show in New York , the force of inspiration from  it had pushed me to create artistic illustration on my own, which I am not going to share with you just yet . But the curiosity and enthusiasm of believing our city can produce as much artistic and fashioned events as New York, Milan and Paris has pushed me to collect the personal interview of Erika M.D owner of “French Vendetta” and the featured designers and the illustrator from the show. Stay tune for another article!

Yours dearly D Lana .

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