ClaSha.....A Boutique dedicated to Both Fashion & Art

Boutiques don't just pop up overnight like Starbucks, especially one as unique as ClaSha. Designers Shannon Johnson and Claudia Arroyo-Uplegger created this concept in 2009 and it didn't become a reality till this April 2013; although they were selling products with the name since 2010 in local indie markets. ClaSha prides themselves in offering one-of-a-kind products that are hand-made to their clientele which range from everything like make-up, baby quilts, bags, clothing, art and much much more.

When I first entered the store, honestly, I was blown away. It is a small shop located at 125 North Addison Avenue in Elmhurst. The store was very inviting, cute and most definitely enticing (I had to stop myself from going on a shopping spree). The products here are some that you WON'T find elsewhere, so talk about being an individual. I also noticed that customer service is important in this store (we all know those stores where  you literally are left alone without a nod or smile from the sales staff). At ClaSha, the owners (and designers) take pride in offering the best customer service and taking their time assisting their customers. If you want one-of-a-kind products that are home made (such as makeup), this is the place for you. Because at ClaSha you are not another number, you are an individual.


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