Some Babbling and Fashion too!! June 2013

Some Babbling and Fashion too!! June 2013
One of the CUTEST baby shoes EVER!! Handmade by Jenny Lezan herself for her new line Bella + Sophia

I know it is already the end of the month and no one here has gotten a decent tan...depressing right??? So let's cheer up a bit and babble a little about the cool things that are happening around our city!! And who knows, maybe the sun will peep out?

Bella + Sophia, is a new clothing line (that you don't want to miss) being created by one of my favorite peeps in Chicago; Jenny Lezan. It is a children's clothing line and let me tell you, it is baby glam!! The new shoes that Jenny just created for the line are little baby girl booties (I call them glam Mary Janes) that are very sparkly and GOLD!!! Also, they are handmade with love!!! Just from that I know her line will be AMAZING, so keep an eye out when it launches (Don't worry...I'll be covering it!!) Now I wish my little one was a baby again!!!

So I know people aren't exactly rolling in dough lately (except for those lucky ones). But if you find yourself a little low on the green and need clothing or other random products, here comes a solution for you....Freecycle!! It is a grassroots nonprofit movement in which people donate items that they don't want or need anymore to someone that may need it. It is a website and there are tons of freecycle groups (over 5,000 of them) which are usually broken down into towns/cities! All you have to do is register for the town closest to you and keep an eye out!!! I have found people giving away TV's, Washer's, clothing, toys and even doors for your home!!! So if you have items to give away or need stuff but cannot afford it, this is definitely the site for you!!!!

Lastly, as I continue babbling, don't forget the "Come Sail Away" fashion show this Wednesday at Castaways!!! Get your tickets now before they sell out (they only start at $20)!!!

Is the sun out yet?? Nope...oh well, till next time my friends.

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