Fatkini's, Diva Runs & National Anthem Horror!

Fatkini's, Diva Runs & National Anthem Horror!
Blogger Gabi Gregg (center) and friends rocking out the Fatkini's. (gabifresh.com)

Being a Curvy girl myself, I am not sure if I am all for bikini's for plus-size being called "Fatkini's." But I am alone, the term is extremely popular and even recently made a big splash. So apparently this website called Swimsuits for All offered 2 piece bikini's in plus-sizing and was sold out in JUST 48 hours!!! Good for you ladies, show off them curves. It is refreshing to see people accepting their bodies and loving themselves instead of being in a constant battle with it. So since it's sold out, when will there be more?? I checked out Swimsuits for All and apparently didn't see any...so I am guessing they were unprepared for all the attention and sales.

On to other news, CALLING ALL DIVAS, especially the ones that like to work out...there is a Diva Dash coming near you!!! This event is hosted by Shape magazine, so you know it's all about fitness. This is not a standard 5K, nope, it is one that also has 12 obstacle courses (you didn't think they would make it easy did you?). Another catch is that it is a WOMEN'S ONLY 5K Obstacle course...sorry no men!! It takes place in Sandwich IL (yes, makes me hungry) August 3rd, so sign up here. Also use the coupon code BLOG to get $10 off!!!! See you all there.

Another thing I wanted to mention this Monday morning, was the hatred shown after a Mexican-American boy sang the Star spangled banner during the NBA finals Heat (boo) vs. the Spurs (yeah).  The boy, Sebastien De La Cruz was amazing on "America's Got Talent" and sang in a traditional  Mariachi suit. Let me say he was WONDERFUL, but did people comment on his obvious talent?? NO. Instead people posted to their twitter about this "wet-back" and other horrible names about this little boy who let me repeat again is AMERICAN.

Being a Mexican American myself (No I didn't get here into this country 4 hours ago and now am writing...yes I am directing this to that horrible twitter post about him being here just 4 hours and singing on national TV), this is painful to see someone like me being attacked for his color of his skin and his nationality. I hear people say that the older folks are the racist ones, but all those attacks on twitter were all from young people...yes YOUNG PEOPLE the future of our country that are apparently racist, uneducated and let me add DUMB. The boy was showing his heritage in his get up, he didn't sing the Mexican national anthem, so what's the problem. In case no one knew, San Antonio is mainly Mexican. So for all you hater's out there, he was on National television singing our country's anthem while you were at home hating...I think he won this round.


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