Stellar Moments from the SAIC 2013 Fashion Show

On May 3rd I had the privilege to attend the SAIC 2013 Fashion Show. As soon as you walked into this fine event, you were surrounded by images of the ocean (not to mention the sound)-very peaceful. Then as soon as the show started, you were thrown into FASHION!! The show featured over 300 original garments designed by their very own undergraduate students.

The clothing was jaw dropping that you literally forgot it was a STUDENT show. The seniors at SAIC all had 5 piece collections (some very out there ones I may add-but were simply fun), Juniors had a 3 look collection (almost getting to the extreme of the seniors) and sophomores presented 1 avant-garde look made out of SWAROVSKI Crystals! (lots of bling bling). Again, you had all styles from crystal decked out garments to giants looking rugs (where are the model's heads?), it definitely was a show to remember!!!!


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