Stellar Moments from the Yhta'k Designs 2nd Annual Fashion Show 2013

So which event housed the amazing Kat Blade from the PHAT show, Shea Vaughn of Sheanetics, Benjamin Cottrell from Benjamin Cottrell Designs and Designer Katherine Walker with her newest creations, under one roof??? The Yhta'k 2nd Annual Fashion show!!! So Miss Katherine featured designs from all her different lines which of course included Yhta'k, Katherine Marie (Misses), Madame Marie (plus-size), and spotlighted the launch of her MJW (menswear) line. Fun show, nice venue and let me add Shea Vaughn is one of the tiniest women I have EVER seen in my life (thus she is a fitness/nutrition advocate).  For more Fashion show pics make sure to visit Katherine's Album page here.

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