It Calls for Sunshine!! Spring Fashions in Chi!!

I know looking outside the window right now doesn't bring into mind that we technically are in SPRING here in Chicago, but yes my friends we are. So what's the trends this Spring??? Is it floral again (like EVERY damn Spring)? or are we going a little different (wow)?? Well, let's review the top Spring looks this year for our fab city-Chi!!

Trend #1-Going Back in time...The 60's are BACK!!!

So I know that every year we have some retro perspective, but this year is a very special one....the 60's are back baby!!! This calls for the MOD LOOK, short skirs, pastel colors, or even the 60's sophisticated 3/4 inch sleeve blouses. It is all about having fun and look chic!

Trend #2-Short Shorts, show some leg!!!!

So it's getting warmer out and your legs have been hidden away for many many months, thus this Spring we are going to get a fashion show of legs EVERYWHERE!!! The shorts will be shorter than normal this season, but still classy and colorful. Make sure to pair the shorts with a pair of wedges during the day and some fun stilettos  for a night look!!!

Trend #3-Men's Loafers (for both Men & Women)

Who said that Loafers are only for casual usage?? This Spring they will be the shoe rage for both men & women!!! Wear them to work, Wear them to hang out, Wear them to go out...wear them EVERYWHERE!! They are comfy, hip and stylish!!!

Trend #4-Stripes Galore

Stripes make you look leaner and taller therefore I personally LOVE this trend!! Anything that would make me look like a wanna be supermodel and you got my vote!! So make sure to wear tons of stripes like the entire outfit or anything (top or bottom) with stripes!!! Strip it up!!

Trend #5-See it Sheer

I have already been seeing this trend even in the winter time (dunno how you all kept warm?). Wearing something sheer (preferably a top with something NOT sheer under top) is hot this season!!! Please NO Sheer bottoms unless you have shorts underneath that are NOT sheer!!! Be sexy, have fun with it but remember there are others that will be looking at you!!!

So here are 5 looks that are IN for this Spring!! Make sure to check out our Facebook page for more looks!!!


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