Action not Complaining...Improving the Chicago Fashion Industry

Action not Complaining...Improving the Chicago Fashion Industry
Support the Chicago Fashion Industry or else...(just kidding)

Let me start by saying that lately I have been to a few fashion shows that deserved a larger audience group. I always hear complaining from MANY that our industry needs to be larger, that we should be like another New York; but my question is how?????? By complaining about it? Or by actually going to support these events??? Words mean nothing unless there is an action behind it.

So how did New York get started?? First they started in the fashion industry WAY before we ever did. Second, they support one another, although as we all know in the fashion industry there are major rivalries. Our industry here is small, very indie and best of all growing...slowly. Without support from one another our growth will continue at best being slow. Without the exception of the Fashion Focus events, most of the fashion shows in this city are smaller based, but that doesn't mean they are any worse than those big scale events.

So my advice to all your Fashion Lovers, go out and support all these events. Stop the bitching, get those heels on and ATTEND. I see how hard these producers, designers, work on getting their shows promoted and heard, so why not support them and go? The shows are very unique, great and personal (something you'll NEVER get in NYC or even LA). You get to network, have fun and see some new upcoming fashions that our great city designers have to offer. Plus it doesn't hurt that many of our models are HOT!!! So to continue inspiring those designers and producers to continue creating shows start attending those shows. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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