The Good, Middle & Ugly-Oscar's 2013 Fashion!!!

So what is everyone talking about today?? No duh, the Oscar's!! This yearly Mega Star event was televised live last night (as we all heard Halle Berry say the word "pussy").  So if you didn't tune in, no worries, I am here to update you on the fashions of the night. First, the man of the hour (host) Seth MacFarlane was definitely a lively change from normal Oscar host Billy Crystal. Seth was armed and ready with his song "We saw your boobs" which in my personal opinion was THE song of the night (sorry Adele). During that booby song all the actress (minus Jennifer Lawrence) were all super shy and NOT happy about it...sorry ladies, but like Seth said-we DID see your boob (insert Naomi Watts angry face).

OK, other than our offensive host (I personally love his jokes, what do you expect from CREATOR of Family Guy), the fashions were the talk of the town. Halle Berry was to die for, I mean did you see her stunning outfit and that bod she has??? WOW!!! I know many people who were dissing on Halle, but ladies, she looks GOOD in that Versace dress of hers; bringing back the 80's baby!!! On the other hand, Anne Hathaway, REALLY??? You won a DAMN OSCAR in that dress??? You should lose that Prada dress or lose your Oscar! I wasn't shock at her winning for best supporting actress, I was surprised for her wearing that hideous dress which does her and Prada NO JUSTICE. Also, Anne, eat a sandwich.

Catherine Zeta Jones, my gosh does she look like Cleopatra (if the Queen was alive today). She was gorgeous, classic and in that gown looked like royalty (well she is married into Hollywood Royalty).  Nicole Kidman, she on the other hand looked like she was wearing a dress made by first year fashion students who have no taste yet in materials. HORRIBLE...getting on the borderline of almost next to Anne Hathaway. Jennifer Hudson, looked amazing in her Roberto Cavalli. I swear she is a stylish, sophisticated Chicagoan (I am not being biased because she is a home-town girl).

Salma Hayek, my fellow Mexican, the dress did her no justice. I know it is an Alexander McQueen, but she has the bod...why not show it?? I mean it looks like she is going to a fashionista's funeral. Zoe Saldana, you are not getting Bradley Cooper back wearing that dress!!! Jessica Chastain, my new favorite Hollywood lady, was looking very swag in her dress. She wore an Armani Prive dress that just complimented her completely and she definitely channeled the old Hollywood look!!! The complete opposite of Jessica Chastain is NOT my hollywood fave girl Kristin Stewart. Did she just wake up and decide to go to the Oscar's? Did she even wash her hair?? This is the Oscar's...not the Grammy's lady!!!

The fall heard around the world, Jennifer Lawrence won the best actress Oscar but as she was getting up the stage she tripped on her beautiful gown by Dior Haute Couture. I wouldn't worry if I was her, she looked great and guess what?? She won a Damn OSCAR!! So there it is to all of  you haters!!! Ben Affleck looked classical in his tux and WON best picture for his film Argo, I am definitely not mentioning his weird speech dedication to his wife-oopss I just did. Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter looked great in his suit!! Special mentions to the best dressed couples which included Hugh Jackman and his wife (sorry I don't even look at her since he is so beautiful). Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan look especially cute!! She is so darn cute being pregnant it almost makes me NOT hate her....Almost.......

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