New Years Resolution...Read More with Tamika Price

New Years Resolution...Read More with Tamika Price

We all made New Years Resolutions right?? Are we keeping them??? Here is more you CAN keep; READ MORE. If you are interested in fashion, this new book by Fashion Stylist Tamika Maria Price, will get you reading!!!! Standout Style,takes women through the steps of wardrobe planning, smart shopping (we all need that with this economy) and putting stylish looks together that enhance your shape (not the shape the media wants you in) and busy lifestyle.

So what to expect from this book?? Not your typical wear this don't wear that but instead this MUST HAVE book is packed money saving smart shopping tips, how to dress for your size and what items every woman MUST have in her closet.
Every item in the book is under $250! The Standout Style guide is also conveniently sized to fit in your handbag to take shopping with you.

So I got a chance to speak with this fashion goddess. First, Tamika owns her own fashion styling company named A-Line Style Services where she "helps empower and renew the confidence of women by teaching them what styles work best for them and making shopping and getting dressed a more fun and enjoyable experience." So with all of her success (styling, speaking engagements, guest appearances on shows such as the Rachael Ray Show and more) I asked, why did you decide to write a book? " In addition to a family friend urging me to do it, I knew that writing a book was necessary for me to truly be classified as the expert I knew I was. Standout Style is geared towards the same type of woman that seeks my services. She is an everyday woman that wants to develop her personal style without sacrificing comfort."

So EVERYONE, stay true to that New Year Resolution and get a copy of Standout Style today here. Also make sure to follow Tamika  with her Twitter and Instagram @alinechicago.

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