Golden Globe 2013 Styles...the Wow's and Meows (in a bad way)

The Golden Globes this year let me say was interesting. First let's start with Jodi Foster's um...speech. Yeah she was all over the place, I was confused and so were many others. But we are not here to talk about that, instead we are here to look at the fashions. Which fashion's were a WOW and which literally were a bad MEOW.  Enjoy!!

WOW: Lena Dunham writer and lead star of Girls was a major star at this even this year. She looked fab and represented all of us "normal" girls that never would be considered to be leading ladies. It is amazing to have someone as fresh and real as her.

WOW: Julia Roberts who worked that mic like a she worked those boots back in Pretty Woman. In that black basic gown she made stars younger than her look dull. Way to go girl....

WOW: Mama's Tina Fey and Amy Poehler looked fantastic and classic while hosting the event. These women were major attention grabbers taking away attention from the award recipients with their marvelous dresses.

MEOW: Anne Hathaway. Yes it was a big night for her winning best supporting actress, but that dress, Ugh...... First, it clashes with her skin tone making her look paler (yes that is possible). Second, when you look that plain, accessorize. Who is her stylist??

MEOW: Jennifer Lawrence. Yes she can kick all of our butts in the Hunger Games, but with this dress, no one would be intimidated by her. The top of her dress is literally suffocating her breasts and it looks like it is going to come crashing down. The dress bottom is wrinkled!! This dress does this gorgeous beauty no justice.

MEOW: Kate Hudson. This 80's style dress that is first cut WAY TOO LOW for the Golden Globes (a classy event) makes her look like she is in the wrong decade. This beautiful woman should be wearing something more elegant and less 80 flashy, I mean she would make a great prop for a Michael Jackson video.  Don't worry, the guy next to her, Bradley Cooper is just for eye candy!! He is definitely a wow!


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