OOTD.....No Way Amigo!!!

OOTD.....No Way Amigo!!!

OOTD, in case you didn't know what that meant, means outfit of the day. I am not one of those bloggers (no diss to them, it is just not me) that post's pictures of myself daily! I mean, you literally have to drag me into a picture. I am a behind the scenes type of gal and I love it that way. I have been asked recently why I don't feature OOTD pictures in my blog, my answer is "I feature those in the fashion industry, I do not feature myself" with the exception being right now.

I love fashion, I mean I write about it (duh), but recently I want to share not only those who made a difference in the Chicago Fashion Industry but also those who have made a difference in our community in the arts as a whole.  Our City is one of the greatest cities in the world, I mean everyone that I ever met abroad knows "CHICAGO" when I mention I am from there. But one thing that has been bothering me lately is that people don't expect Chicago to be very fashionable or artsy compared to other cities such as New York. Our fashion industry may not be as mainstream as New York, but we have a small, tight-knit industry that is GROWING. The talent in this city is stellar and it is getting better and better. So yes, we are not a New York City, but in my opinion we are better, we are Chicago. We are small, underground but growing and bringing forth such talent that soon Chicago will be a fashion capital  (although it already deserves that recognition in my opinion).

So back to OOTD (sorry for my rant), I write about people in the industry (fashion and the arts) and not about myself. I want to give all those people the recognition that they deserve because everyone has a little Estrella (star) in them.  Sorry, no OOTD for me, but please stay tuned for events, news, fashion tips, spotlight pieces and the Hot List!!!!



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