Dec 21, 2012 Apocalypse...Go out with a Style!!!!!!!!!!!

Supposedly, TODAY we are all going to be wiped out from the face of this earth! First they said at midnight, now 5:11am and when that didn't happen, now they are saying at 11am and if not that, the latest on December 23. Why do people want to predict when an entire world would die??? So if today or December 23, why not get wiped out looking cute??? Hey if we have to leave, leave on a high note! Here are a few suggestions on how to look your best on the last day of our life (?).

Since the Mayan's didn't predict what time we were all leaving (like Central time, Eastern...), I have added looks for all hours of the day!!!!


Day Look-Leggins (or jeggings if you are into that), with Lara Miller's Aileen Box Sweater. This sweater is not only eco-friendly (you are not killing the earth) made with recycled cotton and bamboo, but it is also hand-loomed (not many clothes made this way anymore) here in Chicago. You will definitely go out looking hip, comfy and green!!!!

Night look-Who state's that you MUST always wear a dress when dressing up??? Elizabeth Smith Fashions has a night look that you definitely would go to naughty line once we are gone. Sexy beautiful blouse with tight leather pants!!! HOT!!! Might as well leave the earth sizzling.

Sleepy Time Look-Hey in case it happens at midnight or when your sleeping, you should also look your best when you meet your maker!!! My choice is from Dottie Delights. The Long Sheer Dressing robe from Dottie Delights is not only comfortable, but very sexy and brings back that vintage Hollywood look from the 1920's. This is a perfect look to evaporate into....


 Day Look- I know that men also want to look great in their afterlife. That is why Nonnie Threads is perfect for day menswear look. The black Pollard Sweater combined with relaxed fit jeans would look hot on any guy. So the earth won't be the only thing on fire.

Night Look-Horacio Nieto design's such elegant and comfortable men's clothing, so why not wear him for your last night on earth? Personally I cannot just choose 1 of his fantastic garments, so why not make the decision yourself????

Sleepy Time Look-Why wear anything? It'll be on fire anyway:)

So I am hoping that all this mass hysteria is false and we'll all wake up tomorrow and on December 24 alive and happy plus looking good with our cute outfits!!! Or in the case of men sleepy time look, waking up wearing nothing at all.

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