Right before Thanksgiving.....Another Thankful List

Right before Thanksgiving.....Another Thankful List

Before we all get stuffed on Turkey and go into a food driven coma, I decided that another Thankful list was needed. Remember this is officially the start to the holidays, so let the MERRY begin.......

We are Thankful for.......................

Black Wednesday Ladies Night=Tomorrow at 6pm

So tomorrow Ladies Night Chicago is having one of their fantastic events, and this one is on the MAJOR drinking holiday of Black Wednesday!!! It is taking place at the Joynt  (650 N. Dearborn, Chicago). Ladies wearing Black (our favorite slimming color anyways) receive complimentary champagne & NO COVER!! Men pay only $15 Online and $25 at the door!! This is the technically BEFORE holiday event that you cannot miss!!!!!

Viktoria's Closet Boutique

European fashions have officially landed in Chicago!!! Located at 2482 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, this European line of clothing is making waves in our community. Viktoria's closet offers apparel (very cute items), handbags, Jewelry, accessories and even fashion events for her customers!!! A must visit fashion landmark!!!!!

2012 Sexiest Man Alive=Channing Tatum

This title RIGHTFULLY belongs to the sexy Channing Tatum!!! He not only has made a splash with all his movies (hmm....Magic Mike), but he totally play's into that sexy boy next door that you are crushing on but cannot tell him image. Personally I believe he should also have 2013's sexiest man alive title!! But, again I am not on People's titling committee.....darn.

Fringe=Friday nights on Fox at 8pm Central

This Sci-Fi tv show has CRAZY plots!!! Like alternate universes participating with one another, the Observers and more!! It first started with Olivia Dunham and FBI agent (all set in Boston) who joins Fringe division (they investigate crazy out of this world situations). She enlists crazy ward patient (also genius with a near 200 IQ) Walter Bishop and his son Peter Bishop (other genius, played by yummy Joshua Jackson). Fun, exciting to watch, you'll be wondering where did this hour go at the end of the show!!!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!



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