It's November Already...What are we Grateful for???

It's November Already...What are we Grateful for???

Seems like only yesterday we were still enjoying the nice warm weather while wearing our swimsuits,  AND before we knew it, we are now bundling up and thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and the dreaded holidays. Time not only passes by, it flies by leaving us with whoop-lash trying to keep up. So since this is the month of November, the home month of Thanksgiving, here at Estrella Modas we are grateful for what we have. Here are a few key fashion-related items we are GRATEFUL for.

1.  Magic Mike on DVD

Not only do we get a glimpse of Channing Tatum's umm...behind, there are some fun stripper fashions in this movie since it is all about role-playing and themes!! Perfect for a night out with the BFF's, so get a glass of wine ready and enjoy...

2.  Brimmed Hats

First, hats are all the latest rage!! Love them and we are super excited that they are so "in" again.  Winter is an ideal time to bust out those cute hats of yours and wear them out. Not only do you look fab, but it does keep your head warm in these chilly Chicago winds. Brimmed hats look great on everyone. They define your jawline and highlight cheekbones!! There is no excuse NOT to wear them.

3.  Thigh-High Boots

Want to add some attitude to your look without buying a new wardrobe? Then the latest it look "Thigh-high boots' is for you. You can wear a boring sweater and some skinny jeans, but with these boots, poof, you are suddenly irresistable. A must get this season!!!!

4. Affairs Magazine

The slogan alone on this online magazine is very "kick-ass"; by fans for fans. This online magazine concentrates on TV, Fashion, Beauty, Music, Movies and more.  So check it out here!!!

5.  Chicago Fashion Connect

This fashion networking organization is all about helping the Chicago Fashion industry grow. They host networking events, shows and photo shoots. Their latest networking event is tomorrow Bella Bronze Tan & Body Spa, 1503 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago from 6-9pm. The show is Co-produced with Benjamin Cottrell Designs and hosted by Marco Foster, these Mixers create networking opportunities for those in the fashion industry. Get your tickets here.

Don't worry as the month progresses, so will our list of what we are grateful for!!!


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