Enough Election Talk...Now Let's Talk About their Fashion!!!

IT was a tough one, this year's election was brutal, both candidates just literally ripped at each other, but it was also brutal on the viewers. Countless malicious ads, we (the voters) were literally pulling at our hairs. So now that elections are OVER (can I hear a AMEN), now we can start concentrating on our everyday lives again. But first let's look at the looks these candidates and their families were wearing last night.

The Obama's:

Let me say that this is ONE GOOD LOOKING FAMILY!!! The ladies (even the little ones) are very feminine looking, girly with color!! We don't see much color at this time of year so it is a fresh take. The President sadly cannot wear hot pink or a purple suit, but still looks stylish hip with his suit and blue colored tie. Michelle, looks amazing as always. Covered up and sophisticated is her look.

The Biden's:

Joe looks great in his suit, although he is probably swearing up a storm, in that tailored look you'll never guess. His wife, Jill, her dress is a show stopper. LOVE IT!! Great fitted look on her, she looks sexy but not overly exposed; great for Joe's wife!!

The Romney's:

Can we say they are the poster children for a Ralph Lauren ad? I love love Ann Romney's look. Beautiful eye catching sophisticated dress that is RED!!! She definitely is the center of attention in that dress. Mitt is wearing a classic, conservative (very appropriate may I add) men's suit!! Great look, but not a victory look-Sorry Mitt!!!!!

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