Top Fall Looks-by Fashion Stylist Renita Manley-

You may be like me, clueless on what to wear this fall. So just for all of you (and myself), I asked for advice from Chicago fashion legend (stylist) Renita Manley-Garrett of Revamped Image Consulting . Here is her Top Looks for Fall 2012!!


Over-sized cuts for women, Tailored for men: This Fall, women’s wear is a bit less snug than your sexy vixen would like. Women’s apparel this season is opting for a more loose, even over-sized fit. Keep over-sized jackets, dresses, and blazers feminine with belts that accentuate the waist. For men, too skinny is out!! (finally) Yet, you still want to opt for a look that is tailored.


The color of the moment for everybody is Burgundy!! Women, go for  burgundy nails, accessories and lips, but make sure the color is appropriate for your skin tone. Men, have fun with Burgundy accessories including shoes, ties, handkerchiefs, and belts.


Leather, sheer, velvet, anything furry (preferably faux fur): All four of these fabrics are extremely hot right now. Since  retailers may be experiencing lace and sheer over loads, opt for leather and velvet instead. Consider wearing leather skirts, ties, or apparel with leather details!!


Classic menswear should have been number one on this list, although these looks come in no particular order. Anything that looks like it was inspired by a main character from HBO’s hit Series “ Board Walk Empire” is a go! Pay special attention to anything plaid.


Simply purchase items that have button details, just make sure the buttons don’t look cheap. Feel free to update your old jackets and blazers with new buttons. GO for wood, fabric covered one's. Even metallic buttons, or buttons with metallic details are in right now.


If you have ever been scared to mix and match your patterns, this is your time to go wild!! Keep in mind, thee are certain style rules that you need to follow in order to execute this look successfully. You can even try patterns on your shoes!!

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