Now that the Olympics are done...Closing Ceremony's Fashions

Sadly the Olympics are done, but don't worry, we still have their closing ceremony fashions to talk about. This year's closing ceremony was very controversial, especially surrounding the supermodels appearance during the show. People were outraged that we have been viewing healthy athletic women compete in the Olympics and now Hollywood skinniness  is back in our face. What I thought was more disturbing that a bunch of supermodels who don't eat were the Spice Girls?? They are still alive?? Is that the best that London could offer us??? Gosh.

Otherwise, they had a creepy but fun out-of-this-world performing artist Eric Idle who took us to space-literally. Butt cheeks hanging out with Jessie J jamming with legendary Brian May of Queen, and a whole bunch of randomness. It was interesting, AMAZING fireworks, but really all I realized during the whole ceremony was I cannot wait to see what Rio offers us in 2016!!!


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