What's Hot (other than the weather)... Suitsupply in Chicago!!!!!

On Friday June 29th, Estrella Modas attended the Grand Opening of Suitsupply in Chicago (on Oak Street). Suitsupply was established in Amsterdam in 2000 by Fokke de Jong and since has opened up 42 locations worldwide and has reinvented the men's fashion world. This retailer prides themselves in using only the finest Italian fabrics, European styling, along with incomparable in-store service and affordable price points. Suitsupply stores even have 2 on-site tailor stations present in the middle of the store, so men can get alterations done while they wait!!! And listen up men, you can afford these luxuries starting with shirt prices average around $99.00 with suits ranging from $399.00 to $999.00!!Talk about revolutionizing the men's fashion world!!!

Unlike other retailers entering Chicago, Suitsupply goes all out in the Windy City!!! Their Chicago location is a Penthouse, YES a Penthouse!!. It also encompasses a roof top garden oasis, espresso bar (YUM), free Wi-Fi and alterations while you wait. It even has a terrace with a lounge for clients to enjoy themselves; talk about hanging out at your store!! The actual grand opening party was filled with great music (provided by Tall Animals), live ambiance and tailored suits!!  Chicago’s store opening was a huge success! CEO & creator, Fokke de Jong, mingled with the guests and took time for interviews and pictures. Therefore, our fab Regulo Alvarado got a chance to chat with this down-to-earth genius (may I add very Attractive too)!!!

Q1: What gave you the idea to start this in-genius brand?

When I (Fokke) attended college I was in need of income; therefore I started my own company. I even started showcasing my clothing at trunk shows and at tailoring events.  (College frats would bring their suit jackets to him to have their frat signs sewed in).

Q2: Who is your target consumer?

We have two types; First is a younger demographic and educated men. The younger consumer is a recent college grad who enjoys reading GQ  and is always presentable and has good taste. The educated man inspires others by what he wears and is done spending money on over priced suits and service.

Q3: Why did you decide to enter Chicago? What makes our city a prime spot for your line?

Chicago’s a sophisticated city and a great establishment for style. Suitsupply is all about the luxury movement and bringing it to the Midwest was the right action.

Q4: Do you have any other store openings in the United States?

We are opening our 3rd US store in Washington DC in mid July.

Q4: Given that the ads are provocative and controversial, how do you handle the criticism?

We really don't  put any attention to the critics. We go with what we feel would benefit the company and that’s all. 

Q5: What inspires you for the photo shoot themes?

We just think of ideas and go with it. We don’t put a lot of time in it. If it works, It works.

During the interview we were given the opportunity to preview their Spring/Summer 2013 collection and let me just tell you, you guys are in for a surprise!  They’re revamping menswear suits completely and giving the details a twist, for example, making the pocket handkerchief round for a more dramatic look!! So make sure to take a look at the future of men's wear at 945 North Rush Street -Penthouse in Chicago!!!


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