GOCA: Elegance of Maturity Show

GOCA is composed of 2 designers who are STILL in school while achieving their growing fame. Gordana Rasic and Omar Villalobos are the masterminds behind GOCA's vintage inspired jaw-dropping designs. First, this show "The Elegance of Maturity" took place at the trendy Room 1520; great start. The setting was very fashionable and along with the blue lighting, you were transported to a show out of this world.

The girl with the teacup signaled the start of this show.  I was inspired to have a tea party as soon as I got home with my little one.  All the clothing showcased were fab, as GOCA is known for their unique styling and vintage inspired pieces. What stood out to me was the short green drapped dress. I wanted to jump on the floor and literally pull it off the back of the model. What kept me from doing so was the fact that I am NO size ZERO. But my goal is to purchase that dress in my size and tell everyone that it is from the young happening upcomers called GOCA.

GOCA presented an array of colors and fabrics that rivaled those of established designers. Those fabrics and colors are considered risky for young, new designers; but they worked it out and managed to show brillant designs. The Elegance of Maturity was promising and did not disappoint! The show’s finale consisted of both designers, Omar Villalobos and Gordana Rasic, walking down the  runway also carrying teacups and thanking their audience. Where is my teacup?? I need some tea.

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