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United changes rules for Mileage Plus, adds a minimum spend amount

Oh United. Just when you looked sexy again you turn around and make a grab for our wallets. Elite status on airlines are generally based on amount flown – whether it’s segments or miles. If you fly 30 segments or 25,000 miles in a calendar year, United would grant you Premiere Silver.  Double that gets... Read more »

Escape Fares: Honolulu in September onward from $441 r/t

Normally I’m all about staying in Chicago for the summer because we live in the most beautiful city in the world when the weather’s gorgeous. After the last month or two of schizophrenic weather, it’s time to think about going somewhere warm and sunny. American, Continental and United are showing round trip airfares in September... Read more »

United Fare Sale to Australia

Getting to Australia is not cheap at all, so when fares appear for under $1000 r/t, it’s almost as if you need to jump on them immediately. So in the month of August on United Airlines, I found $872 r/t to Sydney and $907 r/t to Melbourne. Those are excellent prices, and if you’re in... Read more »

Thoughts on the United-Continental Merger

Since United’s the 800 lb gorilla at O’Hare, it’s a little weird to think that they’d have a merger with anyone, let alone Continental. I’ve been reading the press releases and the pundit analysis about it, and I’m a little concerned. Combined they go from 140 destinations out of O’Hare to 143 (adding Aruba, St.... Read more »