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Remembering Lt. Commander Edward "Butch" O'Hare

On this day in 1943, Lt Commander Edward “Butch” O’Hare’s plane was shot down and went missing.   So who was he?   Butch O’Hare was the son of Eddie O’Hare, mob lawyer and business manager to Al Capone, who, most likely provided information on Capone to get him indicted. Butch graduated from the US... Read more »

Kiribati or bust!

Today’s El Tribune had a nice piece from Reuters about the island of Kiribati potentially being uninhabitable in 30-60 years because of “climate change.” Naturally, the first thing I did was look at where Kiribati was and determine how to get there to possibly see if I can visit before the country is potentially uninhabitable.... Read more »

Welcome to Chicago, Qatar Airways!

Chicago’s O’Hare airport is now home to another Middle East airline, Qatar Airways. They’ll be flying 3 days a week from April 10th to June 13th to and from Doha and going daily from June 15th onward. Why is this good? It gives Chicagoans another gateway to the Middle East and Africa. Also, Qatar Airways... Read more »

How to be like Beyoncé and Jay-Z (in visiting Cuba)

The musical power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, are spending their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba. However, the fact that they’re in Cuba raises a whole bunch of issues since travel there is a whole host of laws forbidding Americans to visit Cuba. Cuba has been under US sanctions for nearly 50 years, effectively barring transactions... Read more »

Knives on Airplanes? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The ever wise and benevolent Transportation Security Administration is now going to allow small pocket knives on airplanes after April 25th. The blades have to be under 2.36″ inches long and less than a half inch wide. The TSA still has “discretion” about what can make it through or not. “But Nick! WTF! What about 9/11?!?!?!”... Read more »

US Virgin Islands package deals

I must admit – last week when it hit 50 – 50! – I got excited for spring. Now this weather, despite the sun, has made me cranky and irritable and wanting the warmth only the sun and a fancy cocktail can provide. And let’s not forget eye candy on the beach. The US Virgin... Read more »

American Airlines merger/cheap award tickets to Hawaii

American Airlines is merging with US Airways in a not too surprising event. What does it mean for Chicago residents? Probably not much. O’Hare will still be a big hub for the new AA. There, of course, will be layoffs as the two companies get further integrated but not too many. US Airways only flies... Read more »

Winter Escape Plans

It’s currently cold as a brass monkey’s nut outside, and it’s got me on the search for inexpensive airfares to GTFO of Chicago to warm up. Unfortunately, there are no good airfares to break free and warm up. Seriously, it’s pretty dismal. The only thing I can find that is quasi tempting is Spirit Airlines... Read more »

Japan Airlines now serving Kentucky Fried Chicken

So it seems that Japan Airlines, who flies daily from O’Hare to Tokyo, is serving the Colonel’s finest in economy class, from tomorrow until the end of February.  It’s an interesting idea that might be worth a try domestically here. Or would it? I’m on the fence. The smell of chicken on a plane for... Read more »

Thanksgiving Travel Advice

Sorry about the delay in posting a blog entry. Life changes quickly, and sometimes you’re left trying to figure out what happened. Thanksgiving is soon upon us, which means travel will suck bigtime next week because of the crowds, anxiety with dealing with family Here’s some time-tested travel advice if you’re heading to O’Hare or... Read more »