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Escape Fares: Honolulu in September onward from $441 r/t

Normally I’m all about staying in Chicago for the summer because we live in the most beautiful city in the world when the weather’s gorgeous. After the last month or two of schizophrenic weather, it’s time to think about going somewhere warm and sunny. American, Continental and United are showing round trip airfares in September... Read more »

Free 1000 miles on American Airlines

Thanks to Slickdeals, you can get an easy 1000 miles on American Airlines when you sign up for AAdvantage Shopping. Click here and set up your AAdvantage shopping account. Check in the box next to “Receive special offer emails” Click “submit & watch video” Press “play” to view the demo Granted, 1000 AA miles doesn’t... Read more »

American Airlines to China, Japan for under $700

This is a great deal on American Airlines to go to either Japan (Tokyo) or China (Beijing, Shanghai). Fares are good until Friday the 18th and you need to depart by March 31st. For US Passport holders, Japan just requires a passport. For China, you need a visa – an expensive one. The Chinese Consulate... Read more »

American Airlines and Japan Airlines become BFFs, announce more Trans-Pac options

Well well – this is interesting. American Airlines is increasing ties with their OneWorld partner, Japan Airlines. Since press releases tend to be not really helpful for most people, here’s what I take away from it. 1) For those flying Trans-Pacific, prices really don’t change much. Let’s face it – anytime there’s an “enhancement,” fares... Read more »

American Airlines gains a new partner (and unlikely destinations)

Yesterday the OneWorld alliance, the global partnership that American Airlines started along with British Airways, added a new member: S7 Airlines. Who? S7, better known as Siberia Airlines. They add the lovely countries of Armenia*, Azerbaijan*, Georgia*, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova*, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to a list of places we can go with the OneWorld... Read more »

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Partnership and Chicago

A few weeks ago, American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia kind of snuck a change in under the radar. Instead of fighting each other across the Atlantic, they’ve combined to fight United/Continental. Who wins? The customers – maybe. But it does mean some interesting things from the OneWorld Alliance. Since the airlines were all partners,... Read more »

Hawaii on sale on American Airlines

For the month of September, I’m consistently finding airfares that are under $500 r/t from Chicago to Honolulu on American Airlines. That’s not a bad deal in all honesty.  If you want to try to save a few extra dollars on your ticket, try using Century In The Making to get a 10% off coupon... Read more »

July Escape Fares (what's left of them)

Typically Chicago is a great place to stay in during July – and why bother leaving? Between the Taste of Chicago and street festivals, it’s a fun place to spend time. But if you truly want to get away, here are some relatively inexpensive destinations for July.San Jose, Costa Rica. Showing from $253 on American... Read more »

10% off American Airlines

Feel like escaping Chicago and need to save some cash? Never fear: American Airlines is offering up 10% coupons. Go to and pick your top moments in Texas football history. Or, if you’re like me, just click on 5 random things and get your coupon emailed to you. All I ask is that if... Read more »