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Southwest Airlines' Birthday Sale!

For the next 72 hours, take advantage of Southwest’s from $39 per segment sale! Most flights 450 miles and under per leg are included. Travel must be booked by 6/24/2010 and completed between Sep 8, 2010 and Nov 17, 2010. Additional fees may apply (taxes, etc.)

Sex in the City 2: The real Abu Dhabi

This morning I caught the RedEye’s cover about the Sex in the City 2 crew going to Abu Dhabi as part of their movie. I didn’t know who to feel bad for, the poor Emiratis or the SATC crew. The film was actually filmed at Morocco, but I figured that it gave me a good... Read more »

Thoughts on the United-Continental Merger

Since United’s the 800 lb gorilla at O’Hare, it’s a little weird to think that they’d have a merger with anyone, let alone Continental. I’ve been reading the press releases and the pundit analysis about it, and I’m a little concerned. Combined they go from 140 destinations out of O’Hare to 143 (adding Aruba, St.... Read more »