Kiribati or bust!

Today's El Tribune had a nice piece from Reuters about the island of Kiribati potentially being uninhabitable in 30-60 years because of "climate change." Naturally, the first thing I did was look at where Kiribati was and determine how to get there to possibly see if I can visit before the country is potentially uninhabitable.

Turns out it's not easy to get there at all. And if you're going to go all that way, then you need to know it's pronounced Kiribass.

In order to get to Tarawa, you need to either take Fiji Airways (formerly Air Pacific) to Nadi, Fiji (via LAX). then hop on their affiliate Pacific Sun to either Tarawa or Kiritimati, better known as Christmas Island. Or if you want to take the long way there, fly into Brisbane (via LAX, etc.), then take a once a week flight on Our Airline via Nauru (the world's third smallest country and highest per capita Type 2 Diabetes rates.) The good news? US citizens don't need a visa, so there's that.

If you haven't figured it out by now, it's not going to be cheap. But if you're going to go somewhere unique for amazing beaches, fishing, diving, World War II history (the Battle of Tarawa, where over 1000 Marines and nearly 700 Sailors died in 76 hours) and somewhere that might disappear in our lifetimes, then I'd suggest checking out the Kiribati Tourism site.



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