Knives on Airplanes? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The ever wise and benevolent Transportation Security Administration is now going to allow small pocket knives on airplanes after April 25th. The blades have to be under 2.36" inches long and less than a half inch wide. The TSA still has "discretion" about what can make it through or not.

"But Nick! WTF! What about 9/11?!?!?!"

In my not so humble opinion, it's not going to change anything. Knives that small aren't exactly the most adequate for doing nefarious things. Also, the mindset since 9/11 has changed: if you do anything threatening towards the flight crew, you will get beaten by everyone on the plane. After flying over a million miles in the last 9 years, I'm going to put my faith in my fellow passengers that they'll step up if bad things happen. So I'm not worried.

So, stay calm, and enjoy the wait at the security checkpoint while TSA uses a ruler and think to yourself "at least I'm not at jury duty."

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