US Virgin Islands package deals

I must admit - last week when it hit 50 - 50! - I got excited for spring. Now this weather, despite the sun, has made me cranky and irritable and wanting the warmth only the sun and a fancy cocktail can provide. And let's not forget eye candy on the beach.

The US Virgin Islands is having a few promotions on right now from their board of tourism. St. Croix, for instance, is offering a $300 airfare credit if you book 6 nights there (1 free night!) and a few other credits. St. Croix is the cheaper of the two USVI's. But you have to book before the end of March and travel before the end of May.

So head on out - American, US Airways and JetBlue all fly there. Have some fun in the sun, and remember to think of the rest of us freezing our collective asses off while you drink a mai tai.

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