Thanksgiving Travel Advice

Sorry about the delay in posting a blog entry. Life changes quickly, and sometimes you're left trying to figure out what happened.

Thanksgiving is soon upon us, which means travel will suck bigtime next week because of the crowds, anxiety with dealing with family

Here's some time-tested travel advice if you're heading to O'Hare or Midway:

  1. Don't be a dick. Seriously. The holiday season brings out the infrequent travelers, so they'll be doing "rookie mistakes" - refrain from yelling. It'll be tough. Airport workers will be stressed out as well - so don't be a dick. Remember to use your manners and say "please" and "thank you." And if someone does you a favor or goes above and beyond, get their name and write their company about it - because, that's not being a dick. And you need to reward good behavior.
  2. Get to the airport two hours before your flight just in case. And bring a book.
  3. Be prepared for lines. Bring copious amounts of patience, in 3 ounce or less containers.
  4. Charge your phones, laptops and other gadgets before heading to the airport. There's never enough power outlets and they'll be occupied and totally inconvenient to your gate.
  5. Eat before going to the airport and bring snacks. Airport food is expensive and sucks.
  6. I would never ever recommend bringing your adult beverage of choice to mix with your drinks onboard in 3 oz bottles. Never ever. No sir. No ma'am.
  7. Pack light. The overhead bin is your friend.
  8. If there's a delay of more than a few hours, consider taking advantage of your airline's lounge, like the American Airlines' Admirals Club or United's Red Carpet Club. They're generally $50 for the day, but they can work magic and drinks are usually free. Plus, free WiFi. And again, refer to rule #1. No amount of complaining will make a plane turn around and pick you up, but a smile will help in trying to get on the next flight.
  9. Take the El to the airport. Don't even think about driving.
  10. And don't be a dick. I can't stress this enough.

Got any other tips that I've missed? I'd love to hear them!

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