Why you should never EVER listen to a "digital nomad"

Really. I mean, really? Does anyone else believe thisĀ nonsense?

What I've learned from con artists like Tim Ferriss and Chris Guillebeau is that work isn't work if you call it something else. Want to retire today? Simple: just call what you do for a living "fun" and thus, you're not working. Perhaps you're only working... 4 hours a week! A catchy name for a book that appeals to people's vanity.

Travel bloggers are the worst. A vast majority of them can be best described as a luftmensch. Older folks would just call them a bum. After all, what would you call hanging out in Thailand and blogging all day? I'm all for extended vacations, but after a while you'll find yourself out of the job market with skills that have atrophied - and using Instagram on your vacation photos doesn't qualify you as a photographer.

Want to know how they do it? It's rather simple: save up for long term travel, then spend hours every night pimping your blog and writing to anyone who listens. Eventually you'll find yourself spending hours and hours creating digital content for consumption. But don't dare call it work, because after all, you're a digital nomad and thus career-breaking or retired. Semantics are cool like that. Remember, the key to being a travel blogger is being edgy. Most travel bloggers make their money by ads, selling ebooks that are largely horrible and selling "advice." The digital nomads set are this decade's "life coach."

If you're lucky as a travel blogger, you can work long weeks and make around minimum wage, but hey, it goes further in places like Thailand. And if you hit the jackpot, you can earn a small amount by giving talks at travel blog conferences, or earning "free trips" as "explorers in residence" for travel companies (all the while avoiding paying taxes on it.) In the meantime, their bank balance draws nearer to zero - following a nice downward slope like an exponential decay curve (what's that you ask? don't worry! After all, why have practical knowledge when you're "career-breaking?")

Every time I read one of these bullshit blog posts by some long term traveler, I remember the old magician's adage: The trick is told when the trick is sold. The question is why are you buying?

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