The truth about airline "mileage experts"

Like most travel hucksters, everyone wants to sell you "exclusive" material to help you travel more cheaply. All of them revolve around one simple fact: the earning and burning of miles earned through credit card bonuses. That's it. That's their secret. If you don't mind taking a hit to your credit history and opening up multiple credit cards, then go for it.

That's all it is. And it is that simple. But a "free" trip always comes with costs. If you don't have airline status, you'll be relegated to a less advantageous award inventory. Frequent fliers like me will always trump you when it comes to spending miles, but we're too busy flying to actually use them.

Ignore all those "million mile secrets" type sites. It's all about the credit card signup bonus on multiple airlines. Do it enough over a period of time and you'll have enough for an epic trip. That's all the knowledge they're selling because they don't know how to earn them by flying.


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