7 Things Every Traveler Should Have

One of the things that separates me from any other travel blogs is that I buy my own stuff and review it honestly. Travel bloggers walk the line between criticism and wanting freebies, so they'll never be ruthless or honest.

Here are things I think you should consider picking up that's Nick approved:

1) eBags packing cubes. Personally I don't care what brand of packing cubes you buy but they're absolutely amazing. Socks and underwear in one, shirts in another... it's amazing how much more you can get in your bag when it's neatly packed and avoid checked bag fees.

2) Two pairs of ExOfficio underwear. I laughed at these for a number of years and finally broke down and bought some and I love them. Quick wash, hang dry and underwear that travels well. It also prevents the medical condition known as schwettybalsach.

3) Decent sized USB keychain drive. Back up your photos and carry a backup of your identity documents in case you have your stuff stolen. Two copes are better than one.

4) Ball point pen + 1 meter of duct tape wrapped around it. I've used it to patch luggage, pants and make shift bandaids. Comes in handy.

5) Money belt. No, not one of those dorky belts, but a belt that hides money and not much else.

6) A quality carry-on bag. I've probably bought a few grand of stuff from eBags (I don't make a dime from them) over the years and love them because of their prices and customer service. Anyway, a good bag makes everything worth while, from backpack style bags to roller carry-ons.

7) A spare charger. Trust me on this one - nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without a charger and at the mercy of others or expensive chargers.

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  • Good advice. I've traveled for 30 years, and have retired my wheely-bags for short trips and am carrying an old fashioned large duffle like case that can be loaded into the overheads of all but the "executive" small jets longways and leaves a small footprint. It is smush-ible, like an accordion, and, if need be, can go under the seat, too.

    You forgot one thing, though, that is necessary, especially with today's less than stellar airline service: a sense of humor, so you can laugh at such things as not updating the departures board for your gate change and not announcing it, either. Ha, ha, ho, ho, another missed flight. Must be the pax fault. LOL

    Keep on truckin', flyin', drivin'.

  • Whatever you do, avoid ExNihilo underwear.

  • Uh, as a person who is currently on the road and has traveled for 10 years Touring,---These are some of the most pointless suggestions I have ever heard of!!! Washing your underwear in a sink? Amateur. Just bring enough underwear and socks! Sounds more like the prop list from the last Macgruber movie. Give people BRANDS for luggage to look for! Rimowa, Delsey, and Victorinox. But ok. Maybe you didn't have time to write all the stuff you really need.

  • In reply to Harrisonmarianna:

    Oh Marianna... ever had lost luggage? Been stranded in third world countries with the clothes on your back? I have. If you're stuck in, say, Nairobi or Abidijan with what you have on you, you're forced to deal.

    As for specifics - recommending them is a pain in the ass because you're screwed either way. My goal was to provide ideas because I'm trying to keep in mind that not every can or wants to drop $400 on luggage.

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