$49+ Fare Sale on JetBlue

I'm warming up to JetBlue as an airline, mile earning be damned. They're comfy, have good TV and will get you there. In that spirit, they have a March Madness themed sale. Normally around this time, the weather sucks so I'd be pimping trips to the Caribbean hard. But alas, this weather is amazing. For now.

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  • Yes, a better airline that the normal CrapAir that are polluting the unfriendly skies. Virgin America and Atlantic, same. Many foreign flag carriers as well. Southwest still.

    CrapAir has forgotten that they are in the transportation biz and not the lifestyle biz. The idea of paying for premium seating on CrapAir is just idiocy, considering all seats arrive at about the same time, and all are uncomfortable in their own special way.

    CrapAir wants to install pay toilets, you know they do.

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