Escape Fares... While They Last

Unfortunately Escape Fares are getting pretty dismal - between the United/Continental merger and the Chapter 11 filing by American Airlines, the fun airfares are drying up. But I've been looking for things in the Spring in order to get out of Chicago because winter blues will get me into a deep depression.



Why not? I'm seeing $1032 round trip between Chicago and Johannesburg, South Africa on Etihad Airways. Instead of London, you get to stop in Abu Dhabi. You'd also get American Airlines miles on part of the trip.


Sadly, everything else pretty much sucks. South America is over a grand r/t, Hawaii is looking at around $700 r/t.... it's just dismal out there right now. I wish I could be a ray of sunshine but even I'm considering a staycation!


Happy 2012 everyone!


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