And this is why you should always get travel insurance

Because things like this happen:

A Kiwi woman had her hand almost completely severed when a sex romp on a bathroom sink in Croatia went awry, according to a report.

The Croatian Times newspaper reported the 28-year-old New Zealand woman, known as Amy R, was having sex on a bathroom sink with an Englishman in the island town of Hvar when the porcelain broke and the sharp edge sliced her wrist, leaving her hand hanging by just the skin.

While this is tragic (and yet kind of funny because it happened to someone else), it does make you realize that this incident will probably run nearly at least $50,000 if they didn't have insurance. Seriously, you need to get it.

"We believe it was probably an accident but the British man has fled and the New Zealand girl is understandably hard to speak to.''

The accent? #toosoon

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